Last modified: May 25, 2007
Latest version: 1.1

sedash download page

For more information, see [Japanese page].


The sedash is not updated since 2001. It will no longer be useful at all. This page is kept only for historical reason.

What is this?

This kit enables you to make sh.exe which includes sed as shell built-in comand UNDER CYGWIN. ( I do not know whether this sh.exe runs under other UNIX-like OSs. )


This sh fastens shell scripts which uses sed by avoiding fork() and exec(). ( Cygwin's fork() and exec() run VERY slow. ) For example, `configure' shell scripts generally run two or three times faster on this sh.exe than on original one.


You need sed-3.02-1-src.tar.gz and ash-20010425-src.tar.gz. This kit is highly version-dependent, so it is necessary for you to get these files from cygwin mirror sites .These files are also available from this page.


First of all, expand sedash-<version>.tar.gz[bz2] and read the file INSTALL.txt. Then expand sed-3.02-1-src.tar.gz and ash-20010425-src.tar.gz following the description, and build sh.


latest version

sedash-1.1.tar.gz or sedash-1.1.tar.bz2

old version

sedash-1.0.tar.gz or sedash-1.0.tar.bz2



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